7 - 8 - 9 of December 2016

Advanced Live Interventional Course of Essen

Course Director : Prof. René Chapot

Live Cases
in Alice 2010

During the two day course various live cases were performed
by Prof. René Chapot and his team.


Patient 1
Unruptured basilar bifurcation aneurysm, no P com arteries. The neck extends widely on the right P1 but involves also the left P1.

case 1 a


Patient 2
Unruptured A com aneurysm with tight stenosis of the left common carotid artery and filling of right A2 segment by the left A1. The neck is involving both A2 segments that arise from the aneurysm with an acute angulation with A1.

case 2a case 2b
case 2c


Patient 3
Growing unruptured aneurysm of the extradural internal carotid artery at the siphon with a cervical carotid kinking inducing pain and diplopia.

case 3a case 3b


Patient 4
Type 1 dural fistula at the left sigmoid sinus fed my numerous meningeal arteries. The vein of Labbé is draining in the segment of sinus involved in the fistula.

case 4a case 4b
case 4c case 4d


Patient 5
Type 4 dural fistula located at the tentorial-falcorial junction. The outflow vein shows a venous aneurysm compressing the brainstem.

case 5a case 5b


Patient 6
Parietooccipital AVM fed by branches from the anterior, middle and posterior cerebral artery as well as a minor meningeal supply. Two previous embolization sessions have been achieved via the posterior and middle cerebral circulation.

case 6a case 6b
case 6c case 6d
case 6e case 6g




Main Topics of ALICE 2016:


How many balloons?
Where and how to place stents?
Are Flow Diverters to be considered in distal bifurcation aneurysms?
How to retrieve stents?
Which place for Web and Medina coils?
Comaneci, an alternative to balloons?

Antiagregants and Anticoagulants

What we know and what we don’t know

AVMs and Dural Fistulae

Pressure Cooker Technique or Double lumen balloon?
Complications in venous approach for AVMs
Onyx, Squid, Phil or glue?
Multiple balloons in venous remodeling

Intracranial Stenosis

Double lumen balloons for intracranial stenosis Which stents to be used?


Thrombectomie with underlying MCA stenosis : which level of antiagregation?
Results of combined thrombectomie and ICA stenting
Is there still a need for IV lysis?
When to achieve distal aspiration?







7 - 8 - 9 of December 2016

Advanced Live Interventional Course of Essen