Scientific programme 2018

Monday the 12th of March
07:30 Registration  
08:25 Opening ALICE 2018  
08:30 Live Case 1: AVM Moderation : Dodi Boccardi, Naci Kocer, Jean Raymond, Orlando Diaz
09:45 Post-embolization discussion
10:00 Live Case 2: Aneurysm
10:45 Post-embolization discussion
11:00 Coffee break  
11:15 Live Case 3 from Limoges : AVM Moderation : Alex Berenstein, Adnan Siddiqui, Alberto Gil, Michel Piotin
12:15 Post-embolization discussion
12:30 Live Case 4 from Limoges : AVM
13:15 Post-embolization discussion
13:30 Lunch  
14:00 Live Case 5 : AVM Moderation : Christophe Cognard, Uday Limaye,Tomoaki Terrada, Ahmed El Serwi
14:45 Post-embolization discussion
15:00 Live Case 6 : Idiopathic intracranial hypertension
16:15 Post-embolization discussion
16:00 Coffee break  
  Stroke : Patient Selection  
16:30 Imaging: Why and how to achieve a multiphase CTA? Mayank Goyal
16:40 Imaging: When to achieve MR? Jan Gralla
16:50 Thrombectomy : which patients to exclude? Win van Zwam
17:00 The after Dawn Era Raoul Nogueira
17:10 Round Table Discussion : Patient selection Christophe Cognard, Alessandra Biondi, David Fiorella, Alberto Gil, Mayank Goyal, Jan Gralla, Dan Meila, Raoul Nogueira, Michel Piotin, Adnan Siddiqui, Tomoaki Terrada, Martin Wiesmann, Wim van Zwam
  Stroke : Technique  
17:40 ASTER 1 & 2 Michel Piotin
17:50 ADAPT with or without BGC Adnan Siddiqui
18:00 Rationale for BGC and stentriever Martin Wiesmann
18:10 Distal thrombectomy with aspiration Dan Meila
18:20 Distal thrombectomy with stent retrievers René Chapot
18:30 Variabilities in clots Mahmood Mirza
18:40 Round Table Discussion : How to treat? Christophe Cognard, Alessandra Biondi, David Fiorella, Alberto Gil, Mayank Goyal, Jan Gralla, Dan Meila, Raoul Nogueira, Michel Piotin, Adnan Siddiqui, Tomoaki Terrada, Martin Wiesmann, Wim van Zwam
19:15 End of Session  
Tuesday the 13th of March
8:00 Risk of treatment of unruptured aneurysm : results of GREAT Christian Taschner
8:10 Which risk to state to the patient before endovascular treatment of an aneurysm? Jean Raymond
8:20 Risk of treatment of unruptured aneurysms :is it really so low? Adnan Siddiqui, Dodi Boccardi, Christophe Cognard
8:30 Live Case 7 : AVM Moderation : Dodi Boccardi, Christophe Cognard, Naci Kocer, Adnan Siddiqui
9:45 Post-embolization discussion
10:00 Live Case 8 : Superficial AVM
10:30 Post-embolization discussion
10:45 Coffee break  
  Intra & extracranial stenting  
11:00 Recanalization for non-acute total occlusion of the ICA Tomoaki Terada
  Discussion : Stenting extra and intracranial stenosis  
  AVM : Arterial or Venous approach  
11:15 Venous approach as primary treatment Charbel Mounayer
11:30 Staged Venous approach René Chapot
11:45 Complications of venous approach Charbel Mounayer
12:00 Transnidal approach to retrograde feeders René Chapot
12:15 Round Table Discussion : Venous Approach Alex Berenstein, Dodi Boccardi, Christophe Cognard, Alberto Gil, Naci Kocer, Uday Limaye, Charbel Mounayer, Jean Raymond, René Chapot
13:00 Lunch  
13:30 Live Case 9 : Aneurysm Moderation : Alex Berenstein, Alberto Gil, Michel Piotin, Ahmed El Serwi
14:45 Post-embolization discussion
15:00 Live Case 10 : Dural Fistula
15:15 Post-embolization discussion
15:30 Coffee break  
  ALICE in trouble : "New Devices = New Complications" Moderation : Alex Berenstein & Jean Raymond
16:00 Fred Junior Naci Kocer
16:10 Atlas Alberto Gil
16:20 P Conus Anabel Diaz
16:30 Leo Baby Michel Frudit
16:40 Surprise Alex Berenstein
16:50 Barrel Alessandra Biondi
17:00 P Conus Uday Limaye
17:10 Derivo Anil Arat
17:20 Eclipse Dodi Boccardi
17:30 Web Christophe Cognard
17:40 Artisse Michel Piotin
17:50 Web Tufail Patankar
18:00 Medina Nader Sourour
18:10 Which studies do we need? Mayank Goyal
19:00 End of Session  
Wednesday the 14th of March
8:00 Follow-up of ALICE patients 2016 Markus Heddier
8:15 Live Case 11 : Dural fistula Moderation : Dodi Boccardi, Christophe Cognard, Tomoaki Terrada, Alberto Gil
9:30 Post-embolization discussion
9:45 Live Case 12 : AVM
11:15 Post-embolization discussion
  Live Case 13 : Aneurysm
  Post-embolization discussion
13:00 Lunch  
13:30 Antiagregants : How to combine ? Ludovic Drouet
14:00 Discussion  
14:25 How dangerous is the combination Aspirin and Ticagrelor in unruptured aneurysms? Ana Paula Narata
  New & Advanced Techniques  
14:30 Hydrophic coating (pHPC): stent and flow diverter implantation under mono-antiagregation Hans Henkes
14:40 Percutaneous embolization using I guide. Orlando Diaz
14:50 Deconstruction Technique in Aneuryms Uday Limaye
15:00 Use of Onyx in aneurysm rupture Andrei Petrov
15:10 Divert ends AOD Santosh Joseph
15:20 Nanosnare Technique Mynzhylky Berdikhojayev
15:30 Magic glue Alberto Gil
15:40 Unconventional Vascular Access Anil Arat
15:50 Closing Session all panelists
16:00 End of ALICE 2018  

How to find the venue?

Theater und Philharmonie Essen GmbH (TUP)
RWE Pavillon

Huyssenallee 53
45128 Essen



The venue with a special flair: The Philharmonie Essen in the historic Saalbau Essen is embedded in the ensemble of the city garden and the Aalto Theatre, right in the center of the city. By exceptional central location, the versatile space on offer and the first-class hotels in the immediate vicinity, the Philharmonie Essen is the ideal place for your event in a unique atmosphere.

The Rhein-Ruhr-Airport Düsseldorf International is only 20 minutes drive by taxi.

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