Scientific programme 2022

 Updated on 15 March
March 15, 2022
07:30 Registration  
08:00 Opening ALICE  
08:15 Live Case 1: AVM Moderation: Tommy Andersson, Dodi Boccardi, Vincent Costalat, Ahmed El Serwi, Michel Frudit, Paul Stracke, Mani Puthuran
09:45 Post-embolization discussion
10:00 Live Case 2 from Santander: AVM
10:45 Post-embolization discussion
11:00 Coffee break  
11:15 Live Case 3: Aneurysm

Moderation: Ahmed El Serwi, Gyula Gál, Markus Möhlenbruch, Civan Islak, Thomas , Paul Stracke, Tufail Pantakar

12:15 Post-embolization discussion
12:30 Live Case 4 from Santander: Aneurysm
13:15 Post-embolization discussion
13:30 Lunch  
14:00 Live Case 5: Dural Fistula Moderation: Xavier Barreau, Dodi Boccardi, Tommy Andersson, Vincent Costalat, Gyula Gál, Aymeric Rouchaud
14:45 Post-embolization discussion
15:00 Experience with SAPT in 110 coated FDs Hans Henkes
15:15 Biological optimization of flow diverters Aymeric Rouchaud
15:30 Surface Modification of Flow Diverters: Is it really a Panacea? Markus Moehlenbruch
15:45 Flow Diverter and Ophtalmic artery: To bridge or not to bridge Vincent Costalat
16:00 Kissing FDs: Which indication? René Chapot
16:15 Coffee break  
16:30 Web or Contour Tufail Pantakar
16:45 Experience with Neqstent Gyula Gál
17:00 Restructuring the bifurcation aneurysms Civan Islak
17:15 Lvis Evo: Results and 1 year FU in 100 patients Elif Yamac
17:30 Foreign Body Reaction after EVT Yves Leonard Voß
17:45 First experience with Microchap René Chapot
18:00 End of Session  
March 16, 2022
8:00 Results of watchful waiting of unruptured aneurysms Emmanuel Houdart
8:15 Live Case 6: AVM Moderation: Xavier Barreau, Dodi Boccardi, Vincent Costalat, Alberto Gil, Michel Frudit, Civan Islak, Mani Puthuran
10:45 Post-embolization discussion
11:00 Coffee break  
11:15 Live Case 7: Aneurysm Moderation : Tommy Andersson, Ahmed El Serwi, Gyula Gál, Thomas , Markus Möhlenbruch, Aymeric Rouchaud, Tufail Pantakar
12:15 Post-embolization discussion
12:45 Lunch  
13:00 Live Case 8: Dural Fistula Moderation: Xavier Barreau, Dodi Boccardi, Vincent Costalat, Alberto Gil, Michel Frudit, Civan Islak, Tufail Pantakar
14:45 Post-embolization discussion
  AVM & Dural Fistulae  
15:00 Stent assisted sinus protection Emmanuel Houdart
15:15 Limitations of balloon protection René Chapot
15:30 Importance of pial supply Dodi Boccardi
15:45 Coffee break  
16:00 Interest of TAE with Magic Glue after subtotal TVE Alberto Gil
16:15 TVE of AVMs in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia Pascal Mosimann
16:30 Transvenous Embolization: What’s new? 6D imaging & Arterial protection René Chapot
  ALICE in trouble  
17:00   Dodi Boccardi
17:10   Emmanuel Houdart
17:20   Wim van Zwam
17:30   Markus Holtmanspötter
17:40   Markus Möhlenbruch
17:50   Alberto Gil
18:00   Civan Islak
18:10   Tommy Andersson
18:20   Tufail Pantakar
18:30   Xavier Barreau
18:40   Gyula Gál
18:50   Paul Stracke
19:00   Ahmed El Serwi
19:10   Pascal Mosimann
  End of Session  
March 17, 2022
8:00 Follow-up ALICE patient 2019 Ahmed Ayad
8:15 Live Case 9 : AVM Moderation: Dodi Boccardi, Jens Fiehler, Gyula Gál, Alberto Gil, Markus Möhlenbruch, Wim van Zwan, Mani Puthuran
10:30 Post-embolization discussion
10:45 Coffee break  
11:00 Live Case 10: Aneurysm Moderation: Tommy Andersson, Vincent Costalat, Ahmed El Serwi, Markus Holtmannspöter, Aymeric Rouchaud, Paul Stracke, Tufail Pantakar
11:45 Post-embolization discussion
12:00 Diagnosis and Treatment of CSF Hypotension Tomas Dobrocky
12:25 Discussion  
  Pro vs Contra Radial Access  
12:30 Pro Radial Access Vincent Costalat
12:40 Contra Radial Access Xavier Barreau
12:50 Comment Tommy Andersson
13:00 Lunch  
13:30 Live Case 11: Stenting Carotid Dissection Moderation: Tommy Andersson, Vincent Costalat, Ahmed El Serwi, Markus Holtmannspöter, Aymeric Rouchaud, Paul Stracke
13:45 Post-embolization discussion
  Stoke & Carotid  
14:00 Waking up with or from stroke Wim van Zwam
14:15 How much evidence do we need? Jens Fiehler
14:35 Dual Stent Retriever as first line strategy: 2 years experience Marta Wallocha
14:45 Thrombectomy: How to avoid to fail and what to do in case of failure? Tommy Andersson
15:00 From SWIFT DIRECT to the pooled analysis of the large RCTs Jan Gralla
15:15 Distal aspiration: Is M3 accessible? Pedro Navia
15:25 Distal Thrombectomy : technique and results René Chapot
15:35 Subacute ICA thrombosis: Recanalize Vincent Costallat
15:50 Subacute ICA thrombosis: Do not recanalize Paul Stracke
16:05 Cone Beam CT after Thrombectomy to evaluate the TICI score Sara Pilgram Pastor
16:15 Tonsillar Loop : Endovascular Bypass Technique René Chapot
16:30 Discussion  
17:00 End of ALICE 2022  

How to find the venue?

Theater und Philharmonie Essen GmbH (TUP)
RWE Pavillon

Huyssenallee 53
45128 Essen



The venue with a special flair: The Philharmonie Essen in the historic Saalbau Essen is embedded in the ensemble of the city garden and the Aalto Theatre, right in the center of the city. By exceptional central location, the versatile space on offer and the first-class hotels in the immediate vicinity, the Philharmonie Essen is the ideal place for your event in a unique atmosphere.

The Rhein-Ruhr-Airport Düsseldorf International is only 20 minutes drive by taxi.

Congress Organization


cme4u GmbH

Denise Thom

Röntgenstrasse 7-9,
60388 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Phone +49 (0)6109 6960760
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CME Credits

Please keep in mind that due to rules and regulations we can provide your CME credits and certificate only if you have filled in the evaluation form which you can request by email from the congress organization, Denise Thom

The certificate of attendance will be sent by email to you.